Foam created from olive oil soap will not just make your skin soft…it is perfect material for masseuse to make a body to body sliding show. Massage combines the best elements of tantric, slide and soapy massage. Body to body with foam! Allow massage your body and enjoy the intense and highly  Massage action with end of relaxation (45 minute/ 1500 AED)


You know how it is with me, i always have to create something new, something that will make you feel like the most important, powerful men during the time spending with Masseuse. Damn, i love to make that atmosphere…!

Annie Massage Will Make you feel Relax

This time i mix: Orient + Magic of Foam + Desire.

These three factors have allowed me to create the only one of its kind Massage.

Massage begins with assitant shower with selected Goddess. The stream of hot water relaxes the muscles and prepare them for massage. Soaked, pampered and relaxed by Annie Masseuse…and that’s just the beginning…

In a room, prepared specialy for that kind of massage (oriental music, pillows, incences) you will be asked to lie down on the mat where  Massage will begin.Your body will be covered with a special foam used during Turkish bath rituals.